Challenge 18 Protocol

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone? Do you want to make a difference in the world around you? Come be a part of the movement that is raising awareness of issues like sustainability and stability. Participation in the challenge helps to bring communities and individuals together and to increase understanding of the hot topics on the global agenda.

Sharon Gal-Or


This document gives you the key elements of success to help you to step out of your comfort zone and put you into a position to bring cultural and political change. Nothing is more important.

The change begins in us!

How to lead your own Challenge 18 group

  • Participate in a given Challenge 18 Group.
  • 18 days before you start your own Challenge 18 group, log into the Ting Global website, set a template and start date for your challenge.
  • Choose a topic of your interest, for example: Climate Action, Education or Cultural Exchange.
    • Add new material such as text, audio and visuals to your challenge, you can also translate your challenge into other languages for other people.
    • You can choose to place new tasks and TED talks in your challenge.
    • You can choose to place a virtual ball to pass among players, e.g. a video whereas you present the daily goal from your point of view and then name another player in the group to be the next to upload such a video and challenge the next player in turn, so once there are 18 players in total to pass the virtual ball, the complete group will receive extra 18 points.
    • Run a simulation to make sure all is to your satisfaction.
  • Organize a group of 3-5 friends to help you invite people to the group and get the players engaged. 10 days before you start your own challenge 18 group.
    • Coordinate and communicate with other players using both Ting social media and your own social media such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp etc.
    • Contact and invite at least one organization (company/academia/ school) you wish to lead and invite them to your challenge group and make sure to know who and how many are you going to lead. See Email invitation template.
    • Prepare a video of yourself talking to your audience about your motivation to start Challenge 18 group and about releasing group power to encourage socio-cultural and political change. 10 days before launch.
      • Say your name, age, the place you came from, where/what you study…
      • Explain why you joined the group.
      • Talk about your expectations.
      • Speak clearly and cheerfully.
Challenge 18