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The Team

Sharon Gal-Or


Author & an advisor in the fields of education, sustainability and leadership.

Harel Dikla

Educational project coordinator

Shayne Hoskow

Student studying Legal Studies and Community and Nonprofit Leadership at Univeristy of Wisconsin Madison.

Joseph Mufutu

Community-Led Developer

Ting Global Cultural Ambassador and Community-Led Developer specializing in Localizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Andrew Gilbert

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer, using art and design to make learning and working together fun and interesting.

Kate Breeze-Raz


Digital designer, creating graphics and using digital art to enhance Challenge 18 and making it fun for everyone to play and enjoy!

Yinon Hever


Full-stack web developer, specializing in planning and building modern websites and web applications, with advanced designs and optimized user experience.

Veronica Aminov

Content Writing and Administration

Dennis Tomoina

Program Operations Lead - Africa

Social Entrepreneur and Development Economist with specific focus on developing countries.

Sadia Kuku Idris

Administrator and social worker, anti SGBV advocator

Santos Chris

Kakuma Refugee Camp Leader

Advisory Board

Prof. Shai Dekel

Visiting associate professor at the school of mathematics, Tel-Aviv University. He also serves as a principal scientist in GE Global Research and as Angel Investor in TLVseed and as a member of Akban.

Dr. Dafna Gan

Co-founder and the director of The Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education, head of the environmental education Master’s program in the Department of Sciences at Kibbutzim College of Education and the Arts.

Marcelo Sternberg

Professor, Ecology, School of Plant Sciences & Food Security, Tel Aviv University.

Anat Rafael

Jungian psychotherapist who treats with arts - MA. Anat is the co-founder of the Incubator for Multicultural Leadership in Sderot - Israel.

Adi Shmorak

Product executive and strategist, guiding entrepreneurs on their journey to Product/Market Fit. Works with multiple impact organizations, set to improve our world through education.

Guy Salomon

Co-founder and CEO of GOOL, an Israeli education wesbite.

Avi Z Liran

Global Delightful Experience and Organizational Culture Consultant, TEDx & CSP Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer, Coach, and Mentor. Developing Delightful Leaders, Organizations, and Communities.

Regional Representatives

Johnny Chong

Hong Kong

Founding Chairman of STARS Foundation since 2005. Trained as an engineer with strong business architect and development professional to organize resources logically, effectively and being involved in start-ups business model development, technology transfer M&A and IPO consultancy since year 2015.

David Hanson Jr.

Hong Kong

American roboticist who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based robotics company founded in 2013.

Lawrence Yee

Hong Kong

Co-President (2017-), President (2015-16), Board Director and founder of Cradle Program of AAMA-PRD chapter since 2015. He also sits on the board of BIIA (Business Information Industry Association) since its inception in 2006.

Newton Lee


Computer scientist who is an author and administrator in the field of education and technology commercialization. He is known for his total information awareness book series.

Dr. Ting Ho


Director, Capital Investment Bank Limited. Former First Chief Economist of FedEx Corp.

Tom Ross

United States

Director of Sentient Rights Advocacy for the United States Transhumanist Party.

Josune Moneo Viloria


Effective Social Transformation towards SDG strategist. Holistic thinker & planner and Collaborative Growth specialist

Skaistė Budbergytė-Zabielaitė


After gaining experience in the fields of innovation facilitation and commercialisation of businesses, backed by LL.M. from Tel Aviv University in Technology Law, Skaistė has formed an unsurpassing set of multidisciplinary skills as a forward-thinking entrepreneur.

Inessa Kraft


Actress and awarded filmmaker - who believes that humanity, nature, and progress can exist together in harmony. Suitability is one of the main topics of her work and life.

Sharif Uddin


Assistant Professor at Paris Graduate School.

Our Organization

Challenge 18 players

Problem – Humanity is experiencing a global crisis and most people are unaware of the conditions of our world.

Need – A program to aid individuals’ interests, understanding, and involvement in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) encouraging a sense of global citizenship.

Solution – Meet Challenge 18! An informal education and social platform, inspired by the UN’s SDGs, that was designed to create a positive social change by nurturing a sense of global citizenship and fostering connections between international communities.

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Why Challenge 18?

The problem is that there is a global crisis for all of humanity and it is not yet well assimilated into the education system. The need is in a training program to raise the level of understanding, interest and involvement of students in matters relate to the SDG's and bring universal values back to fashion.

The solution – Challenge 18 is the most important sustainability and leadership games tournament in the world, in which clubs from all over the world collaborate in achieving the SDG’s. My message to you – prepare your students for a future that is already here.

Sharon Gal-Or

Founder of Ting Global

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HaReshet Hayeruka - הרשת הירוקה
Hanson Robotics
HaReshet Hayeruka - הרשת הירוקה
Hanson Robotics
HaReshet Hayeruka - הרשת הירוקה
Hanson Robotics
Challenge 18