World Innovation Olympiad  

The Preeminent Global Coopetition (Cooperation-Competition)


The WIO – World Innovation Olympiad sparks high school students from within every nation to collaboratively stoke innovative, creative, and altruistic ideas. 


The Need: 

  • World: To ensure AI bolsters HI (human intelligence) 
  • Nations: To strengthen global relations via innovation. 
  • Communities: To prepare future adults for the future of work 
  • Schools: To empower schools to nurture and reward ideation 
  • People: To heighten innovation, curiosity, creativity, and altruism 


World Innovation Olympiad – 3-2-1-Launch: 

Our Mission 

Harnessing Israeli’s DNA to inspire, nurture, and bridge global cross-cultural innovation. 

To support other NGOs’ in their mission and to bridge more collaboration among Industry – Schools – Governments – Communities – NGO’s 

The Olympiad qualifying games begin locally.  There, EVERY student can express and grow their own ideas through powerful innovation gamification exploration – with the: World Innovation Olympiad game series beginning with the TING Card Games multidisciplinary ‘hybrid’ design thinking. 

 This first-of-its-kind immersive and interactive learning tool will engage EVERY student at EVERY level.  (Best part – Batteries NOT Included….nor NEEDED.) 

This offline brain expanding tool engaged EVERY student in the global initiative – while preparing each potentially for the regional, state, and national semi-finals –eventually. 

 Every student that played the TING games becomes part of their own country’s extended team. Then, from each semi-final national round, the very top TINGovators represent all the rest of their country’s students as they converge in Israel with all other “coopetiting” nations for the finals. 



  1. Create Global Cultural Ambassadors Community 
  2. Set up Global Infrastructure 
  3. Launch Globally 


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