THE GOAL OF THE WORKSHOP: The workshop is a process which combines cards as training tools, fostering of creative thinking. The TING game series symbolizes a simple dialogue between Nations via Innovation and also allowing young minds across the globe to take part of the Innovation revolution and globalization even if they can’t afford a computer, let them learn the language first and believe that they also can imagine a better future for all. Cards are an experiential tool, powerful, rich and varied, cross-language, cross-age, cross-content. A tool that allows endless possibilities of observing processes, expanding awareness, familiarity, dialogue, expression, play, imagination, creativity, and more. Playing with cards is enjoyable and experiential, learning process.
Ting is a social game that stimulates participants to think and come up with “entrepreneurial” / “innovative” solutions to random situations that are drawn while playing. The structure of the game: Players reveal sets of three cards. The players think of ideas, first separately and then as a group, inspired by the three cards. Working with cards allows for visual discourse that is not necessarily language-dependent. Thus, people from different countries, speaking different languages, different cognitive levels, and different ages, can use the language of the picture and symbols as a common denominator for discourse. Thus, for example, an adult, parent or educator can engage through the cards in a unique, experiential, empowering and educating dialogue with children of different ages. “A teacher, a baker, and a doctor met to think about an innovative venture that would combine their fields of activity … sounds interesting?    Well, it’s not a joke, it’s a fun TING brainstorming session to develop creative thinking and find solutions to most emerging challenges faced by our society.   OBJECTIVES OF THE WORKSHOP:
The final content of the workshop will be determined after a preliminary meeting with the professional program’s team, in accordance with the needs of the target audience. In addition, it will be possible to flex the content and rhythm during the workshop, according to the needs raised by the participants.