What we do

Our Goals

 On August 2, 2015, 193 UN member states agreed on THE 17 GOALS for the sustainable development of humanity, achieved by 2030. Goals that we, as human beings, must achieve together, if we want to improve the condition of the planet and of all life on it. We have about a decade, until 2030, to completely change the way we consume energy, maintain agriculture, manage water, talk to our neighbors and more. This is not a passing trend, but a global change in our habits, eating habits, consumption habits, the way we do business, social responsibility, and long-term thinking. 

18 days of Sustainability & Leadership

Challenge 18 Expected benefit & purpose

18-day challenge that is designed to allow players from one or two clubs from various countries to collaborate taking a social group process inspired by the UN SDG’s Sustainable Development Goals. The various friendly training games include fascinating tasks such as listening to relevant TED talks and thinking exercises that connect you to ‘The right place’ and to each other. Every day the group manager posts on WhatsApp the daily challenges. The challenge allows you to choose at least one short daily task from three tasks, and it opens you up to a magical process of growth and new awareness, which will disconnect you from the immediate comfort zone and develop global awareness in you. The professional games allow players to create their own tasks and collaborate in a unique and fascinating way never seen before.

Many who have completed all 18 days report positive changes in their personal lives and in general.

The 18 Days of Sustainability and Leadership Challenge is a social group process inspired by the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, aimed at evolving and changing the reality in which we live. This is not a passing trend, but a global change in our habits, eating habits, consumption habits, the way we do business, social responsibility, and long-term thinking. We invite you change angels, teachers and students to enter the global game and influence the future of the entire human race. Join me for an 18-day challenge, where each day we will focus on one of the goals in order, and end with another ‘H+’ goal for the future of humanity.

  • A unique challenge activity through the WhatsApp app to build a sense of belonging and sustainability among the students in schools.
  • Each challenge 18 group includes one or two schools. The activity is in the format of a cooperative competition (not a winner-loser).
  • The challenge is emphasizing and matching values and skills in the spirit of the school.
  • Participation in the challenge solidifies students and raises awareness of the hot topics on the global agenda and helps them form a solid opinion in complex dilemmas.
  • The products of the program include physical challenge game at the school initiated by the students, interviews with change agents in the community, formation of thinking and action groups, certificates of appreciation, an invitation to join the professional Mondial CHALLENGE 18 Games and more.
  • The program includes close supervision of the leading school staff.
  • The program was developed with the assistance of the R&D department of the Ministry of Education – Israel.