We attend school, take history, geography, mathematics and foreign languages classes. But how come we do not have a toolbox for developing creative thinking? For creativity is expressed in every aspect of our lives, both at school and beyond at later stages of our lives as a tool that will serve us for best.
In general, I think that people do not spend enough time internalizing how important it is to train this muscle called the brain to think well as a skill for life.
What if you were practicing the piano an hour a day, you’d expect half a year later to play a piece or two, would you?
Or what if you were to learn a new language, you’d expect half a year down the road to be able to say a sentence or two, would you?
Same as per mathematics or programming, for example … same as in the development of creative thinking!
A note: how many keyboards on the piano? 88 | How many letters in English? 26 | in Hebrew? 22
You’ll probably be smart and ask how it’s in Chinese? So in Chinese the letters are already symbols/characters. For example, the Chinese character for the word ‘listen’ holds a profound meaning in ancient Chinese which combines the meanings of the ear, eye and heart all together.

A key question in the Ting method is:
What is the smallest number of elements to create a thought pattern as inspiration for a new idea?                                                                                   And the answer is: 3

Ting is a multidisciplinary, multi-cultural associative thinking. In other words, Ting is a new language for creative thinking. There are currently 48 fields of selected topics of interest and over one hundred thousand combinations being a source of inspiration for the creation of new ideas:    48 X 47 X 46 = 103,776

When each field of interest has many associations, and for example we can add the cultural aspect, so that if we focus on cutting-edge technologies we can create new and practical ideas for solving complex problems.
Think: What if you were playing TING for an hour every day of the week (alone or in a group):

10 ideas daily
50 weekly
200 monthly
1200 every 6 months

Wow! We got it … but ideas are not worth much, are they?
So that’s it, ideas are everything! Everything you see around you has started as an idea, and now more than ever in the digital age of artificial intelligence and Big Data, where a large number of complex technological tools, platforms and databases are available to all, the ability to think creatively and cooperate will ensure your place safely in the new world.
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