“The total value of TING is way above the price itself – it’s Immeasurably valuable.” Avi Vizel , Innovation BD IBM Israel 

“TING connects you to Israeli innovation and also gamifies the access to Israeli startup databases  in such a way that even a child can become the most expert scouter of innovation” Rani Shifron, Health and Medical mentor and consultant, Healtheir Globe – February 02, 2018 

“I got TING to my kids, to my employees, to my costumers (and even to my friends in the US to play with their kids in Hebrew) and I highly recommend you to do the same, TING is a must have game in every Jewish house and for everyone whom wishes to better understand Israeli Innovation.”  Barak Gafni – CEO and Founder HRS 

“TING multidisciplinary ‘hybrid’ design thinking developed by Sharon Gal Or is the conscious blending of different fields of thought to discover and develop opportunities that were previously unseen by the status quo.” Guy Salomon – Gool, Online Education  – February 11,  

“This week I had the privileged to host Sharon Gal Or to conduct an innovation workshop #TINGathon with my students in my Innovation Business class in Ben Gurion University of the Negev. I must say that my students are very direct and say what is in their mind, and to my big surprise, they were more than happy with how the workshop went whereas students expressed and grew their own ideas through powerful innovation gamification exploration. … I strongly recommend that my colleagues incorporate this tool into their lessons. This is an excellent way to teach, empower and change the learning experience of innovation.” 
Yifat Turbiner – Lecturer at Ben Gurion University of the Negev – March 19, 2018 

“In a region rife with challenges, Israelis have honed the art of problem solving. It is by asking new questions in which we could find the courage and creativity to find new answers. I like to take the opportunity and thank Sharon for his insights and for playing with us his #TING game which makes the learning process exciting, interesting and effective!” Adi Kotler- TECH7Jouniors  

“TING sparks in you ideas that will change the world” Kfir Zoor – Unistream – February 13, 2018 

“TING allows people from all over the world to enjoy Israel and witness Israel is a country with great people, a great atmosphere, great vibes, and moreover great innovations.” Prof. Evaristo Doria, Senior Lecturer at Georgia State University 

Images: TING workshop in SSL ‘Social Systems Lab’ CPT, South Africa.

Image: Embassy event, Oslo, Norway, celebrating 70 years to Israel’s independence

Image: Israel’s Foreign Ministry sent 100 TING card games to its ambassadors in Europe ahead of Israel’s 70th anniversary in April. The Israeli ambassador in Oslo ordered another 300 sets to be played at the Independence Day party he hosted in Norway.

Image: Gal Or gave workshops to visiting international delegations from India Innovation Institute, at BGU, at Hebrew University, at the College of Management and at the Tower of David, and presented TING at the Israel EdTech Summit in Tel Aviv and many other events.