Niv Horovitz – Israel
Social entrepreneur, working since 2004 to elevate sustainability in the Israeli public awareness. Founder of Westart- innovative educational program training youth to develop solutions for the SDG's on a glocal scale.
Shay Shoham – Israel
Social change entrepreneur and SDG's geek. I specialized in development and capacity building tools , security and safety and international law. The purpose of our social enterprise TING is to work with people whom passionate and eager to build a better future. Ting is method for the development of multidisciplinary creative thinking in light of SDG's.
Ariel Ben Tzion – Israel
A wonder boy born in this world with big eyes full of curiosity, thinking all the time how to promote the world and create connections between people.
Rei Dishon – England
Rei leads cultural & educational tours & workshops for the city of TLV (and also as a private tour guide) – from Startup tours to graffiti & fine arts. Rei is the founder of few communities and involve in few others - founder of – a community of Pro artists in Israel, founder of – a community for community leaders, Rei is one of the regional contacts of Burning Man in Israel and part of Midburn art foundation.
Obichi Obiajunwa – Nigeria
Obichi is founder of Hutzpa Innovations and the HELP Fellowship. He’s a Global Health Strategist and Social Innovation Expert.
Guy Pyetan – Israel
Collaborative leader skilled in building, directing and mentoring high performance teams to deliver business results in line with aggressive performance metrics.
Vered Priante Korlander – Israel
BA in Social Sciences - Communication, MA in Humanities - Film Culture. Photography and film studies in Madrid, Spain. About 10 years of experience in various roles in the world of television and film in Israel and Spain. Vered believes in the role of the teacher in encouraging activism, entrepreneurship and innovation in students and considers teaching and learning new media literacy, media literacy, and visual literacy as necessary, such as knowledge of literacy and writing.
Rotem Waitzman – Israel
Dr. Rotem Weitzman is a lecturer in the fields of interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence and medical ethics, specializing in patient-therapist relations. Has a PhD in management, specializing in multiculturalism and interpersonal communication, and a master's degree in clinical ethics from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.
Noa Benzadon – Israel
International Psychology student studying at IE University in Madrid with a love for exploring cross cultural communication and problem solving, translating psychological theories into real life applications such as for design thinking at Thinkersco or sensory marketing strategies at IE School of Human Sciences and Technology.
Osnat Lautman – Israel
Osnat Lautman is an intercultural expert, founder of OLM-Consulting and the author of the Amazon bestselling book ‘Israeli Business Culture’. Osnat supports many organizations and individuals to effectively connect and engage with Israelis, bridge culture gaps and maximize the value of combining the innovative Israeli spirit into a multi culture environment.
Miri Chen – Israel
CEO of "Seminars - Training Solutions", entrepreneur, business mentor Lecturer and workshop facilitator, businesswoman, Develops training programs with two degrees in education and teaching.
Smotkova Jana – Czech Republic
Jana works as Space project Specialist at CzechInvest Agency while being responsible for space/earth observation related projects and SME’s support projects. At ESA BIC Prague she focuses on start-up scouting and technological competition and other knowledge & innovation events like hackathons, data trainings etc. She is responsible for Copernicus user uptake in the Czech Republic while working as the core member of National Secretariat of GEO/Copernicus.
Galit Givon – Israel
She hosts international delegations from around the world to the startup nation, and create a tailor-made agenda, based on extensive knowledge and familiarity with the start-up nation industry trends. 
Sumedha Hore – Singapore
Sumedha Hore, 3 year student in the National University of Singapore, also working as the Marketing Consultant and Strategist at TING Global
Shir David – Japan
Shir worked for various innovative tech and start-up companies and in business development. She speaks fluent Japanese, and currently an MBA student in Kyoto University. Shir has a vast experience working as a BD in start-ups and techcompanies.
Ting Ho – Malaysia
CEO of QiBiotech Company Limited
Avi Liran – Singapore
CDO (Chief Delighting Officer) of Delivering Delight, he is on a mission to delight the world. One person, one organization at a time.
Skaistė Budbergytė-Zabielaitė – Lita
Managing Director at Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
Sabine Sterk – Holland
Sabine Sterk, lives in The Netherlands, but left her heart in Israel. A Zionist in heart&soul. She loves and admires Israeli start-ups & innovation, organizes Pro-Israel eventsfrequently where facts, & dialogue are used as instruments to show the world the positive side of Israel.
Sharon Gal Or – Israel
A Global Cultural Ambassador, lectures in various international circles, leading and hosting training programs globally; He is also the developer of the TING method for the development of multidisciplinary creative thinking. Gal-Or is an Innovation Management Strategist on creative education to government, non-profits, education, and arts bodies. Gal-Or is also known under the pen-name Galorian.  
Galit Zamler – Israel
Galit Zamler stands behind the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program that has been taught in dozens of schools in Israel and around the world.  Galit believes that entrepreneurship education should begin at an early age in schools, so that each and every student will acquire skills that are essential today for success in life.  Galit trains teachers so that they can teach the students the entrepreneurial program she has developed, and in this way, she also empowers the teachers. 


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