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In the book ‘The Journey to Ludoland’, the G team has exactly 18 days left to try to save the kingdom before the great flood arrives. Will they succeed in their mission? What will be the fate of the kingdom of toys and games? And will the tribes succeed in fulfilling the seventeen goals they have set for themselves? On this and more in the adventure fantasy – ‘The Journey to Ludoland’.



About the book / Why is this book important to all of us and to our child?

We all want to better understand the climate crisis and come up with solutions to the challenges that lie ahead. The book ‘The Journey to the Kingdom of Ludoland’ helps us to examine ourselves with new eyes, as it is not always possible to resist change, but it is always possible to change the way we perceive things and adapt a new perspective to the changes facing our world out of true acceptance.

The book ‘The Journey to the Kingdom of Ludoland’ connects readers to the hot topics on the world agenda in the language of teens, imagination and games, as stories transcend distances, generations and cultures so that they may reach every corner of the world.




Galorian is extremely talented. His vision is real and it’s magical. It comes from a place deep inside of his soul. As an American film producer who spent many years in China and Hong Kong, I can attest that it’s not for everyone. But out of the masses came a visionary whose ideas transcends normality. Toys to learn by and to enjoy. A great story book which pulls everything together. This works in a big way!
Jay Rothstein

“I love Captain G because he is a TAGI Master and he can imagine anything,” – Guy, 8 years old

“This book is probably one of those wonderful novels where something happen when you read them. You are not only transported in the world of Captain G, you learn from the characters some very valuable life knowledge, a positive vision of our journey on earth all together that you don’t find at school or at home. It’s a wonderful book make you feel that we do have a wonderful world!“ Cedric Signori, Motivational Speaker

“An adventure for children of all ages.” Reggie Amigo, Hong Kong Journalist 

 “A sweet and unusual tale. Galorian is an interesting new voice and the illustrations are wonderful.“ Jonathan Margolis, Contributing Editor, Financial Times

G is a remarkable book for kids and a fantastic journey back to childhood for adults. It unlocks your imagination in a way that you would never expect. It’s also a tale about our environment and the hope that remains with the young generation, our last hope. Galorian has not written a book, he has created a time machine for us to go back to the refreshing time where we had simple fun, incredible dreams and a fearless future. This comes with both a mission and a reward: inspiring children as much … as being inspired by them. So read it, share it and welcome to Ludoland! – Christian Pilard, Eco-Sys-Action, President.



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