Sharon Gal-Or – Israeli ambassador for USTP, is a writer, author, futurist, an innovation management & gamification specialist, advisor in the fields of education, community management, entrepreneurship & sustainability. Started in 2017, Mr. Gal-Or has been creating and promoting a new interdisciplinary thinking method with symbols encoding known as Ting Global. The goal of the venture is to promote a dialogue around finding solutions to the challenges faced by humanity, known as SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals), as defined by the United Nations. Mr. Gal-Or can be contacted here.

It is thrilling to embark on a new journey together, in which we have introduced not only another game but also The Innovation Nations Games, a world of ideas, people, and a community of Global Cultural Ambassadors

What if there was a program which everyone could join and become a Global Cultural Ambassador to work on cross-border and cross-cultural collaborations? Such as between citizens of the State of Israel and other countries? – This was the question I asked myself at the beginning of this journey called TING. Innovation has become the key to growth and recovery of the global economy. We must adopt a global mindset and encourage cooperation between countries, organizations, educational institutions and individuals from young age groups, towards innovation, entrepreneurship and creative thinking. As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all. The Innovation Nations Games (TING) invites you to embark on a journey of exploring, initiating, promoting and experiencing impactful partnerships. To seek and create new life and cultures; to walk bravely to places where no one has ever visited before! 

So thank you in advance for your attention and I invite you to join me.         

It All Starts With You! 
Innovation, Peace & Love 
Sharon Gal Or

“At the country level the future is not about trade; it is about partnerships”


To change the way mankind manage ideas. Our goal is building a new decentralized big-data Ideas’ (IP) Management System based AI and new technologies to promote free flow of idea’s creation and sharing; To capture, protect, manage, confidentially market, license and securitize our IP of all types and at all stages of its lifecycle more freely without any fear they might be stolen and without paying high costs.

TING aims to minimizing knowledge gaps between people and within organizations.

TING strives to close socio-economic gaps between developed and developing countries.


To expose Tingers to a multi-cultural world of creativity, entrepreneurship and business, to encourage and promote innovation and originality, and to enable experiential learning in an ethical and coopetitive (cooperative competition) atmosphere.