Solving Global Challenges Together Using TING Workshops

Innovation has become the key to growth and recovery of the global economy. We must adopt a glocal (Global – Local)  mindset and encourage cooperation between countries, organizations, educational institutions and individuals from young age groups, towards innovation, entrepreneurship and creative thinking.

The Innovation Nations Games – TING – invites you to embark on a journey of exploring, initiating, promoting and experiencing impactful partnerships. To seek and create new life and cultures; to walk bravely to places where no one has ever visited before!
“At the country level the future is not about trade; it is about partnerships”
Flags of 24 Countries at the top of the Global Innovation Index (GII) :
S. Korea, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Singapore, Japan, Denmark, USA, Israel, France, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Netherland, Ireland, UK, Australia, China, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Canada