The Goal: To invent as many innovative ideas as possible and to collect as many TING coins as possible. 

TING coins – a virtual currency used as a measure of conceptual creativity. 

Number of Players: 2-8 (It is recommended to practice also as a single player) 


Mix the cards carefully. Each of the players in turn, by choice or by chance, reveals three cards and aligns them according to the white markings. 

For a minute, all players must think quietly and write down (brain-writing technique) about three-card-inspired ideas when, at the end of each minute, each player is asked to share the ideas – Starting with the question: ‘What if…?’ 

The winner is the first to reach ten Ting coins; calculated by two coins per innovative idea; alternatively the player who had the most creative idea gets to keep the cards. 

TRIPLEX Special Cards once appear in the Triple-X 3 cards exposed.  

How to Use Tripple-X as an Ice Breaker at Your Event in Three “3” Minutes? 

1-2-3 Minutes 

A NOTE: You can print this Icebreaker instruction below as to put on the table.  

Announce the gifts at your hosting event and place it on the table where all get curios about what is it and how to play.  

Take the cards out of the box and put the special cards aside. 

Now all want to open the box and see how to play. Here is how to explain them in 3 minutes only: 

The Goal: To come up with NEW questions.  

  1. Choose 3 cards (by choice or by chance) and align them according to the white marking. 
  2. Think quietly of ideas inspired by the combination. 
  3. Share your ideas.