Mix the cards. Give each player eight (8) cards. The rest of the cards are placed centrally in the middle of the table facing down. 

Each player in its turn will turn to the other players and ask for a card that he lacks to complete a four – he must name the series and one of the four (4) categories he needs. If the player to whom he has addressed has the card he wants – the player receives the card and wins another turn.  

If the addressed player doesn’t have such card, the player will take one card from the pot, and the turn passes to the next player. 

A player who has completed a quartet of cards will declare, “TING” and place it next to him. If he does not announce, “TING” then the turn will pass to the next player without him taking a card from the pot. 

The winner: 

At the end of this part of the game, each player receives a TING coin (point) for every series of quartet won and another two TING coins for every innovative idea, invented in Israel or from imagination, based on the series completed, 1 minute for each player (starting from the one has most series).  

We recommend practicing Israeli innovation by using:  

TING Special Cards: 

• BIG MIRACLE – In Israel it is known that those who do not believe miracles are not realistic. Each player in turn will drop this card and win two cards from the closed pile before the start of its turn. 

• CHUTZPAH – This is the Israeli way of being creative, pro-active, reaching every hierarchical level, achieving goals and succeeding. 

• YOZMA – Each card has two series. Each player in turn will drop this card and ask another player if he has cards from one of the series in the card, if YES that player has to give all the cards of the same series. 

• CHERRY BOOM – Each player in turn will drop the Cherry Boom card, and call ‘Cherry Boom + Player’s Name’ from which he wishes to get a card. 

• I LOVE ISRAEL – Each player in turn will drop this card, which equals to a whole series of quartet.