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18-Day-Challenge of Sustainability and Leadership


The Goals

On August 2, 2015, 193 UN member states agreed on THE 17 GOALS for the sustainable development of humanity, achieved by 2030.

Goals that we, as human beings, must achieve together, if we want to improve the condition of the planet and of all life on it. We have about a decade, until 2030, to completely change the way we consume energy, maintain agriculture, manage water, talk to our neighbours and more. This is not a passing trend, but a global change in our habits, eating habits, consumption habits, the way we do business, social responsibility, and long-term thinking.

We invite you Change Agents, teachers and students to enter the global game and influence the future of the entire human race.


Let’s get started

Join me, to a WhatsApp group, for an 18-day challenge, whereas each day we will be focusing on one of the global goals in order. Ending with a special goal – for the future of humanity.

Start the Challenge – Schools

Start the Challenge – Corporates


People who have completed the challenge say:


Efrat Shaked, The Doing Good Model social enterprise.
Sharon, it was a pleasure, thanks a lot for your initiation, it was so accurate for my needs. You are more then welcome to meet us on our new website

Aki Chang
“Hello everyone, I am aki. Just starting learning about SDG goals. It’s not being too much promoted in our city. I think it’s all important actions to saving our planet🌎 I would like to help spread and promote the activities here. Hope everyone over the world are well connected and help on it❤️ “

Fernanda Matsuoka, COO at Youth Climate Leaders.
“I wanna say thank you so much @Sharon Gal-Or for taking the lead in organising the challenge.”